martedì 7 settembre 2010

sogni le stelle nella boccia dei pesci finisci

the freesound project

for whom didn't know about this:

The Freesound Project


The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs. This is what sets freesound apart from other splendid libraries like ccMixter. New to this site? Read the What is Freesound page to learn more!

A stop motion animation I did in 2008 for a group art exhibition in Bruxelles called "Transvisions".
I was planning on going through the wall but something came out instead. Around 170 frames, black chalk and eraser on white wall (my bedroom...). Size around 1,20 x 2 meters high.

in the meantime....

waiting for the rest of the crew to upload material...
first panel of a random story that hopefully will develop along with the squid

Topolovska Minimalna Orkestra

tra questi artisti si nascondono delle seppie!

master CIAN presented


How to start without d&b?